Can you guess these StreetView panoramas locations ?

StreetGuessr is a free online game where players have to guess the location of randomly selected Google StreetView panoramas, clicking on a Google Maps map to submit their guess. Give it a try now !

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Guest 3345 1 Switzerland
priya 1883 3 London
Guest 3214 1 London
Guest 2899 2 North America
Guest 2027 1 Venice
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Guest 4655 1
drijn 4004 2
admin 2924 3
lipatovroman 2462 4
yuki 2288 5
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How To Play

StreetGuessr is a free online game based on Google Maps sevices. In a game, player will have to guess as accurately as possible the location of randomly selected StreetView panoramas. Game comes as various rounds, each corresponding to a panorama. To submit a guess, player has to click on a little expandable Google Maps map popover window and can then drag the marker if needed. Depending on the guess accuracy, player gets points and is ranked in leaderboards.